The Mash Up: A UNAA & AWG Weekend

The Mash Up: A UNAA & AWG Weekend

Event Divisions:

  • Ages 14+ (Including adults) 8 AM Saturday

  • Ages 6-13 8 AM Sunday

Event Details

Our First Three Stage Competition!

The first stage will be a UNAA Official Run, for season five., This will be a speed course for each age group. 
Everyone will move one to Stage Two, an AWG qualifier, which will be a test of endurance. 
The placement for each stage will be added together and the 10 lowest scores  (ex. 1st +3rd= 4, 7th+5th=12), will advance to the final stage, regardless of age or gender, which will be a new format unseen in the Ninja Community.  
Cost: $80 For Early Bird ( Comes with Free T-Shirt, ends October 19th)
$90 for regular registration, while slots last.
Only 30 Slots for ages 14+
Only 30 Slots for ages 6-13 
Over $1,000 dollars in prize money.  

Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

Event Info:

The Mash Up: A UNAA & AWG Weekend

Date: Nov. 9, 2019

Location: 260 W Main St, Nashville, TN 37211, Hendersonville TN

Registration: $90.00